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Melissa Rivard of Wellkind is a Clinical Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

(BSc(Hons), BNatMed, MNMHNZ)

At Wellkind, we offer patient-centred consultations where your health is looked at holistically. We focus on the fundamentals of health: nutrition, movement, adequate rest, & mindset.  Individualised, evidence-based health plans are tailored to meet your unique needs and ensure that you can achieve and sustain your health goals.  

At Wellkind, we aim to collaborate with, educate, and inspire our clients to connect back to the fundamentals of health in order restore balance, and thrive in their life pursuits. We believe that promoting an individual's wellbeing has a ripple effect.  Individuals that prioritise their own health and well-being contribute to cultivating of a more positive and healthy culture within their communities. 

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Melissa is currently practicing at WellHub: Level 1 Zephyr House 82 Willis Street Wellington, New Zealand 


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