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Take the first step on your health journey, with no cost.

Choosing and investing in a practitioner to support your health journey is an important decision. To ensure that we are a good fit for you and can best support your health goals, book in a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call now. 

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Initial Consultation - 90 min

Your initial consultation is where information is gathered about your health concern. This is a person-centred process that focuses on assessing your health status, on identifying factors contributing to your health concern, and on assessing your vitality and wellbeing. We listen to your health story, gathering an in depth medical history. Together we identify health goals as well as key strategies that fit with your needs, lifestyle, and capabilities. Finding out how we can bring health and wellness into your life in a way that is not only achievable but sustainable. When further information is needed, a client may be sent for further investigations such as blood tests with their GP. After our consultation, a wellness plan is designed tailored to your unique needs based on what we discussed. A wellness plan may include nutritional advice/plans, lifestyle recommendations, as well as supplement or herbal recommendations where appropriate. This plan is emailed to you in a PDF within one week of your appointment.

What you will receive after your initial consultation:

  • A PDF of your personalised, evidence-based health plan, which will include:

    • your health goals.

    • detailed lifestyle advice, which may include exercise prescriptions, mindfulness routines, breathing exercises, sleep hygiene practices and more.

    • detailed nutritional advice.

    • herbal medicine and supplement recommendations where appropriate.

  • Easy to follow handouts to support your health goals.

  • Access to practitioner only/therapeutic grade supplements.

  • GP referral letters when further investigation is warranted. 

  • A thorough review and analysis of pathology results (e.g. blood test)

  • Complementary 20 min phone check in to ensure that you understand and are happy with your plan. 

  • Regular email support. 

Investment $250

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Follow up Consultation - 45-60 min

Follow up consultations are essential to achieving positive outcomes with our Wellkind clients. A follow up consultation is an opportunity to ensure you are responding well to your plan, educate and coach you on how to build healthy habits that are sustainable as well as develop and implement new goals and actions based on your changing needs. Health and wellbeing is a journey and we want to support you along the way in order for you to cultivate outcomes that you are confident to sustain.

What you can expect in a follow up session:

  • Check-in on your health & wellbeing progress.

  • Evidence-based health coaching tools aimed  to support you with building habits to achieve ongoing health success that is sustainable as well as problem solve. 

  • Vital sign checks & pathology reviews.

  • Supplement and medication reviews.

  • Continued personalised nutrition & lifestyle health education and advice.

  • Referral support where needed. 

  • You will be emailed a summary of what was discussed as well as actionable steps that need to be done. 

Investment $110 


20 min Acute Support -  Online

This service can be accessed by existing clients and members requiring acute support. This is an online consultation where support and guidance can be provided for an acute health issue that has come up. Supplement considerations and suggestions can be offered along with nutritional and lifestyle advice. If a client's needs is outside our naturopath's scope of practice, the will be referred to a practitioner who can best meet their needs. Common situations where clients have used this service before include: immune support, digestive support, sleep support, and acute stress support. 

Investment $60

Package Specials

These package deals are for those individuals looking for personalised evidence-based naturopathic, nutrition, and lifestyle advice as well as more regular targeted health coaching to support them with making the behaviour changes required to reach and sustain the health outcomes that they are striving for. 

Marble Pillars


  • Acquire the tools you need to build a strong foundation for health.  

  • 90 min initial consultation

  • 3X follow-up coaching sessions (must be booked within 10 weeks) 

  • Investment $490 (save $90) 

Spiral Stairs


  • Transform habits to sustain health goals in order to thrive and do what you love.

  • 90 minute initial consultation 

  • 6X follow up coaching sessions (must be booked within 14 weeks)

  • Investment $790 (save $120)

Close Up of Leaf


  • Become a master and agent of your health and wellbeing journey. Discover your true potential and set a trajectory of health that aligns with your values and that you can sustain.

  • 90 minute initial consultation 

  • 9X follow-up coaching sessions (must be booked within 20 weeks)

  • Investment $999 (save $240)

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