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Evidence-based clinical naturopathic, nutrition, and health coaching services.

A holistic therapeutic approach, which aims to address the root cause of your health concern rather than just treat the symptoms. With personalised, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine advice, education, and coaching, the foundations for health & wellbeing can be built & sustained in order to thrive. 

Highlight of services that are tailored to your individual needs:

  • Nutrition medicine

  • Naturopathic medicine

  • Lifestyle Medicine 

    • Yoga and exercise advice​

    • Mindfulness and Breathing

  • Health coaching tools to support behaviour ​change and mindset development

  • Routine pathology reviews and referrals

  • Ongoing support through email

  • Access to therapeutic grade/prescription only supplements as well as personalised herbal formulas

  • Access to functional testing

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Evidence-based naturopathy, nutrition and lifestyle medicine, and coaching tailored to fit your individual needs and cultivate a lifestyle you can sustain and thrive with.

Health concerns we can support with:

  • Chronic stress and burnout

  • Mental Health

  • Digestive Health

  • Hormone Health

  • Aging Well

  • Immune Support & Resilience

  • Cardiometabolic Health

  • and more...

Melissa Rivard Naturopath


At Wellkind, we believe that when we connect you back with the key foundations of health, you are better equipped to restore health balance, cultivate vitality, and thrive in life. 

Wellkind Foundations of Health



Mindset & Mental Fitness



Sleep & Relaxation

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 “ I have been blown away since working with Mel on my gut issues, she genuinely listened and tailored my treatment plan using a phased approach. I've been battling with issues since my teens and finally at 33, I feel like I'm getting control back.” ~ M.W.


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